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  1. Downloading
    1. Mega
      If it says 100% but is not downloading, reload the page and download it again
    2. Virus
      If your computer detects a virus, turn off your antivirus or firewall 
    3. Exe file
      If you get an .exe file after downloading, then you have downloaded a virus from an advertisement, do NOT open it, delete it immediately 
  2. Extracting
    1. Corrupt file or wrong password
      If you get a corrupt file or it says wrong password, redownload the file
  3. Installing
    1. Insert disk
      Extract the .rar and .iso file before installing the game. You might also need to turn off your internet before running the setup
  4. Playing
    1. 0XC0000_ error
      For error suchs as 0xc00007b, 0xc0000142, etc., update or reinstall the redistributables like Microsoft Visual C++ or Direct X driver
    2. Games crashes/not opening
      Right click the game and click run as administrator, make sure you have downloaded all the redistributables (Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft NET, Direct, etc.) which is usually located in a Redist folder. Update your drivers. Also check if your computer meets the game requirements with Steam and Origin is also required for some games to run.
    3. DLL file errors
      DLL files with dx or Xinput in them (like d3dx9_43.dll) reinstall Direct X, if it has MSVCR in them (like MSVCR110.dll) then reinstall Microsoft Visual C++.
    4. Changing language/player name
      If the game is in a different language or name that you want, then reinstall in the right language or change the .ini file’s language or/and name (Revolt.ini, 3DMgame.ini, ALI123, Codex.ini, etc. using notepad) 
    5. Game not saving
      Right click the game and click run as administrator
    6. Steam/Origin opens when launching the game
      Remember to move the crack files into the game folder. You could also try to play the game while you turn off your internet  
    7. Folder not found
      Rename the existing folder to the folder that is required. Also if you are trying to create a desktop shortcut,  right click and click send to desktop (create shortcut) 
    8. 32/64 bit
      Check if there is a specific bit game of if you fulfill the game requirements 
    9. Game is laggy
      You should run the game as administrator and/or reduce the resolution of your computer to make it tun smoother. You could also upgrade your computer.
    10. No .exe file
      The exe file can also be founded in the binaries folder (bin) or open it with a jar/bat file